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Accommodation, Restaurant, hospitality – all these are topics that are dear to the common person. Who does not want to go on a vacation, circumvent the globe, stay at the best accommodations and sample fare at some of the top restaurants? It is thus not surprising that a blog site like is an instant hit amongst visitors.

Before going into the details of our site, a word about our team of writers will be in order. All bloggers on our site have a lot of expertise on the subjects relevant to our niche. Some are closely connected to the hospitality industry in various capacities while still others have travelled the world extensively and narrate their experiences through our blogs.

This is what makes our blogs a cut above those sites covering similar niches. Firsthand knowledge of the subject of our bloggers adds to the authenticity and credibility of our site. Additionally, we have editors who go through every post with a fine toothcomb to verify facts and information given in the write-ups. Hence, any news, information and updates given by us can be fully relied on.

Coming to “About Us”, a snap shot of our site will give details on our goals and objectives.

Blog site has three segments – accommodation, restaurant and hospitality. While the first two are broadly classified under hotels and restaurants in all travel related information, the hospitality section covers much more.

In the niche “accommodation” we have blogs on various types of accommodations around the world that travellers can avail of. We also recommend types of accommodation that are suitable for various travel requirements. For example, we have blogs that detail out the advantages of rental accommodation over hotels for groups of multiple families on extended vacations. In addition we highlight luxury and budget accommodation at top tourist spots in the world along with our recommendations.

Our restaurant category is equally interesting. Here we have blogs written by food critics and renowned chefs, all giving their opinion on the food served in restaurants in main cities and tourist destinations. Even minute details of food that is famous in certain specific restaurants and are a “must-try” can be had through our blogs.

However, it is our hospitality section that is the most detailed and elaborate. This is because hospitality is not only about hotels and restaurants but comprises other sectors too. It includes resorts, clubs, golf courses with resorts, beauty salons and spas attached to hotels and resorts, cruise ships and even famous luxury trains. Our blogs analyse each segment in-depth with advice on how to plan out a luxury trip with friends and family.

With such a wealth of information on our blog site , we are sure that you will find our blog site extremely interesting and will keep coming back for more.